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Vida İstanbul

Vida İstanbul, modern design furnitures, was founded by Esen Diribaş in 2010. Vida İstanbul gets your attention not just by its modern design and functionality but also with its colors and lines as well as its meticulous production. Laborious and creative details of craftsman work fuses with high technology to offer a modern and elegant line of furniture to your scrutiny. A wide variety of colors and materials personalizes each piece. Our set destination is to earn the epithet for Vida İstanbul globally.

Producing lean, but careful design.
Producing impressive but functional furniture.
Proceeding with the respect to the power of handcraft.
Sharing the wisdom of mass production in design with various cultures.


Esen Es – Designer

Born in the eclectic culture of İstanbul, Esen Diribaş was inspired by its spirit. After graduating from high school in Adana she proceeded to major in graphic design in San Jose State University, CA. After returning home she attended Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts in interior design of furniture department only to graduate as the Valedictorian. Upon completing her education life Esen Diribaş went on to create many projects and still does in the name Vida İstanbul.


Bağdat Cad. Zolagil Ap. No:214/6
Çiftehavuzlar İstanbul / Türkiye

Phone: +90 216 386 39 49

Gsm: +90 532 564 95 24


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